I graduated from Davidson College and I am sitting in a Taco Mac sports bar for what seemed like the 32nd time this March shaking hands with random Kansas fans and other restaurant goers as they congratulated us on Davidson's unbelievable run was about as surreal as it comes. If I was not already very, very aware of my basketball skills before entering the Mac, I may have left thinking I actually played in that game. And it was a great game.

One, outside of winning, ended about as well as I would have liked. Davidson had the last shot to go to the Final Four. That is a sentence that is about as unfathomable as they come and one that will cause me to have random spurts of joy until next season begins. I would apologize for missing out on the Hawks. I have yet to watch the Bulls game on DVR and Dish Network continued to suck and not let me record last night’s game. But the thing is I have garnered little hope from this playoff push.

And it comes down to this. Mike Woodson is a terrible coach. That was the beauty of the Davidson run. I had no idea if we would win any of the four games Davidson played, but I completely believed in Bob McKillop. And there is something very wonderful about only fearing you will be outplayed and not out coached. Being out coached is like being cheated on by your wife or significant other. Maybe out coached is the wrong word, because you certainly can't ask for the best coach every time. Under coached is better. And night after night, the Hawks are under coached.

Am I less of a fan for not being excited about the Hawks right now? I don't know. But I do know this. If by miracle of miracles, the Hawks make it into the playoffs and dare I say beat Boston. It will not be the same as Davidson or even Golden State. The national excitement and intrigue will not be there. There will be more sadness that people cannot see Kevin Garnett play further into the playoffs than any upwelling of Cinderella spirit. Because what will have happened is a few players will play far above their normal level and in spite of their coach, and this will seem like unworldly individual performances than any team effort. And a team is a Cinderella story, and you need a coach to have a team.

Thanks you Davidson. Thank Coach McKillup. Thank you team.

Fire Mike Woodson.

First appeared at Hawks, Dawgs, and Jesus

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