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Packers. Incomplete. Let's see how the 2007 playoff edition of the Pack performs before we give them a grade. But as I've said before I can't be too negative cuz making it to the playoffs is in itself a giant acheivment for this team. I just hope we can get to the championship game with Dallas and finally beat those bastards in Texas. But this week's game with the Seahawks has my full attention. Holmgren is always dangerous in the playoffs and knows Brett well. And their roster is full of players with playoff experience unlike the Pack. I think we can pull this off though. Give us the ball, we're gonna score.

Bucks. D+ How about them Bucks? The Bucks suck just like I thought they would. Michael Redd is on the injured list again so that makes them even suckier (they did beat the Sixers last night though that's not saying much). I hope his body isn't going to break down from the added strain of his Team USA duties this past year. So they are right on course for the O.J. Mayo-Mike Beasley-Derrick Rose-Eric Gordon lottery show. I can't even seriously critique their play right now so for the rest of the season I just might concentrate on our chances of getting the #1 pick, how soon before Krysto gets the axe, campaining to get Dan Gadzuric to go back to the way he pronounced his name in college.

Brewers. C+? Beyond picking up Gagne they have been relatively quiet this offseason, although they are supposedly looking into acquiring Mike Cameron. Now I admittedly am only a very casual baseball fan but even I know this would have been a better move say 8-10 years ago. The main piece the Crew is looking to add is a left-handed leftfielder, Cameron plays center and is right handed and plays center, plus he's 35 (although I've heard he's a good lockeroom guy), plus doesn't he have to serve some suspension at the beginning of the season? C'mon Melvin we are right on the cusp of finally doing great things in the summer in Milwaukee besides watching guys in meat costumes race around the field. Don't eff it up!

UW men's basketball. B+ Ranked 21st in the latest AP poll (thank God the only one that counts in college basketball) and won their Big 10 openers against Iowa and Michigan. First real test won't come until the end of the month when Indiana comes to the Kohl Center. Still not sure on where this team stands when it comes to intestinal fortitude but the win over Texas is still a nice indication and we are seeing more of their our players demonstrating their capability to step up.

Marquette men's basketball. B+ After getting ambushed by West Virginia thanks to Bob Huggins totally outcoaching Tom Crean (payback for how we dominated Cincy our last years in Conference USA) the 15th ranked Warriors managed to avoid another upset bid by a Seton Hall team that I bet will be in the tournament. James was injured on a flagrant undercut foul but appeared to be ok as the game went on. It appears that Marquette might not be cognizant of the fact that they are not sneaking up on people anymore that they are getting every teams best effort now that they are recognized as national heavyweights. I trust Crean will get the message across somehow and their effort on the floor will improve.

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