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Yayy!!  I was finally able to post after having my login timeout 50 billion times!

Packers. Since their season is over I will gradually be talking less about the Pack in the coming weeks . . . except to rebutt people who can't keep our name out of their filthy mouths. Yeah Randy Moss I'm talking about you a#@munch. If you are a fan living in Wisconsin you may have already heard what I'm talking about (by way of Brats & Beer) or it may have been lost to you amidst all the other SB hype but Randy Moss has verbally mooned Packers fans, again.

According to Moss, when asked by a Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reporter about how he almost ended up in Green Bay last summer (yes this is still talked about in Wisconsin), Moss claimed it was a done deal until Ted Thompson started talking about all these stipulations about his behaviour. As if he was some guy whose skills were widely considered to be on the decline, had been in trouble on and off the field throughout his career, and was reputed to be a pariah in the lockeroom or something like that! So when he puts it like that I see why someone like him might not have been the best fit up in Green Bay. Besides I think we managed to do pretty well in the passing department this season without him.

Bucks. C+ Bucks are still starting Royal Ivey so nuff said. The C+ is for effort which I think is at least average, even thought the guys at The Bratwurst might diagree. All Star voting has come to a close and it's not terribly surprising that there are no Bucks on the roster although Yi did make the rookie game. One Buck who could have been considered this season (if it was the players that decided and not fans) was Andrew Bogut. As I noted in last week's wank his play has improved substantially this season and may be keeping Larry Harris in a job. But really he's going to have to keep that up for at least another season to gain any kind of recognition. Especially if the Bucks fail to improve their play. Was talking to a friend of mine today who drew up an interesting comparison between the Bucks and Bulls. He said they reminded him of the Bulls in that they have good talent but it just doesn't seem to be meshing right somehow, and how he wouldn't be surprised to start hearing rumors about a major trade involving seemingly untouchable Michael Redd. I question how much we could get for Redd and would it end up benefitting us more than whatever team he could get sent too.

University of Wisconsin men's basketball. B+ Pending tonight's showdown with Indiana. Last week's loss to a better-than-you-think Purdue team in Lafayette was all skeptics needed to label the Badgers as pretenders. A win here would go a ways in refuting that analysis. At least Dickie V respects what Bo Ryan has accomplished in his stint with the program, though coming from Dickie V I don't know if that's good or jinxy. All Ryan has done is win, one of the most underrated coaches and programs in the country. Badgers are still ranked #13 in the AP. Update: Oh hell yeah! A 62-49 shellacking of Indiana what the f@#k is you talkin bout TheSportsBlog!!???

Marquette University men's basketball. C+ After back to back road losses to Louisville and UConn Marquette has bounced back with home wins against Depaul and South Florida. Now come some real tests at home when Cincinnati, Louisville, and Notre Dame come to visit the next three games. Win those three and they are in good shape heading down the stretch towards March. On a side note I wonder if Memphis would still be undefeated right now if Marquette, Cincinnati, and Louisville were still in Conference USA. Some intersting updates on the incoming class from Cracked Sidewalks.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. B+ I purposely have not mentioned the Panthers much this season because I have not expected much from them. But at 7-3 in conference play they are 3rd in the Horizon Leauge, led by 12th ranked Butler, and 12-8 overall. Much more than I expected. Perhaps they can finish strong enough to earn an automatic NCAA post season bid with a Horizon tournament run, but I would settle for a NIT bid too.

Brewers. Not too much happening of late since the Mike Cameron trade. Team news right now is centering around Ryan Braun and Bill Hall changing positions. Speaking of Braun most people might not think that the Brewers have ever had a Rookie of the Year winner before, but we have. Can you name him?

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