Must Starts:

1. Dallas Clark vs. New England. The Colts’ TE got “off the schneid” this past Monday with 2 TDs vs. the Titans. It’s hard to believe that it took the TE until week 8 of the NFL season to notch his first score. This week, against the hated Patriots, we see Clark adding to that total in what could be an aerial show by the Colts’ offense. Without S Rodney Harrison to man the middle, look for Clark to slip down the seam and notch 75+ receiving yards and one, maybe two scores.

2. Tony Scheffler vs. Miami. Scheffler has been out for the past two games but thanks to the bye week, finally looks ready to retake the field. Against Miami’s defense, he should find a lot of open room down the middle of the football field where Cutler will look to hit his TE. Prior to the injury, he was Cutler’s 2nd favorite target and in this game, look for him to be thrown to between 6 to 8 times. 75 yards and a score.

3. Kellen Winslow vs. Baltimore. After being benched by the organization last week, look for Winslow to come back this week with a strong effort vs. the Baltimore Ravens. In the past four games, the Browns have begun to find their rhythm and are 3-1. We really like Winslow this week because of the mismatch he presents to Ravens’ LB’ers so look for him to break the 70-yard plateau and score a TD.

4. Kevin Boss vs. Dallas. For the 1st time this season, the Giants appeared to make a concerted effort to involve the TE more in the game plan. The result: 4 catches and a TD. Due to the respect that the other Giants’ receivers command, Boss always finds himself in one-on-one situations and we think his being one of the focal points of the passing attack will continue this week when the Cowboys come to town. 50-yards and a goal line score.

Sleepers :

1. Greg Olsen vs. Detroit. The last time these two played, the Bears annihilated the Lions 34-7 up in Detroit. In that contest, Olsen had a very nice fantasy stat line (3 catches for 87 yards). Look for him to be able once again to exploit the center of the field and when they line him up wide, to present mismatches for the safety the Lions assign to cover him. 50+ yards and 1TD.

2. Heath Miller vs. Washington. The Redskins have a very strong defense and are usually able to lock down opposing teams’ receivers because of their strong corner play. They also like to keep S Laron Landry about 20 yards deep to prevent the big play. That’s why we like TE Heath Miller in this football game. With so much energy being expended to take away Pittsburgh’s strong running game and outside passing attack (Ward and Holmes), we think Miller has a great shot to catch a lot of passes over the middle and once they get down to the red zone, be on the receiving end of a play action pass to the end zone. 50+ yards and 1TD.

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