1. Kurt Warner vs. St. Louis: in a game that was supposed to be a high scoring affair, one team lived up to that billing: Arizona. Warner located his receivers early and often and finished the day with 342 yards and 2TDs.

2. Donovan McNabb vs. Seattle. It sure didn’t start out well early on (57 yards, 1INT), but McNabb picked it up in the 2nd half to finish his day off with 349 passing yards and 2 TDs. In a game that the Seahawks constantly put eight men in the box in order to take away RB Brian Westbrook, McNabb took advantage of his outside match-ups and the result was a big day from #5.

3. Peyton Manning vs. New England. This wasn’t the air-it-out football game we predicted, mostly because New England used a ball control offense throughout, but in the end Peyton did manage to throw for 254 yards and 2 TDs. He also completed a two-point conversion to WR Reggie Wayne.


1. JaMarcus Russell vs. Atlanta. This one definitely takes the cake, and I’m quite confident in saying that we will not see another performance this season as bad as the one Russell had yesterday. His final numbers were 31 passing yards with one INT and one lost fumble. If not for his 46 yards on the ground, he would’ve ended the day with negative fantasy points. And what’s really funny is some guy actually started him in my league.

2. Matt Schaub vs. Minnesota. Ok, well this is not entirely his fault because he did have to leave the game with a knee injury at the half, but during the time he was in there, he did manage to earn dud status. He finished off with 138 passing yards, one INT and a lost fumble.

3. Brett Favre vs. Buffalo. Do you think Mangini’s little talk with him during the week about cutting down on turnovers had an effect? Aside from one horrendous throw which was intercepted and returned for a TD, he was very cautious for most of the day. That’s great for the Jets but terrible for fantasy owners. His final stat line was 201 passing yards and one INT.


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