Must Starts:

1. Peyton Manning vs. New England. Although the Colts were beaten on Monday night, you saw two signs that must be considered encouraging going forward: the offensive line was fully intact and Peyton was given time to throw the football. He wasn’t sacked once in the entire game. The result: a 3 TD performance against what might be the best defense in football. This week, the Patriots bring its shoddy pass defense to town. Playing against this decimated secondary, we like Manning to have a huge game - one of those from yesteryear - with 300 yards and 3 to 4 TDs.

2. Kurt Warner vs. St. Louis. The Cards head into St. Louis this Sunday and bring with it their top-flight passing game. Going against the 3rd rated team vs. the pass last week, Warner put up huge numbers (381 pass yards and 2 TDs) in their narrow defeat to the Panthers. With the return of Anquain Boldin, it gave him his full complement of receivers to work with thus making it even harder for opposing teams to defend the pass. Look for Warner to put up 250+ yards and 2 or 3 TDs against a very suspect Rams pass defense.

3. Marc Bulger vs. Arizona. Things got off to a very rough start for Bulger this year but have really picked up of late. With the insertion of rookie WR Donnie Avery into the lineup three games ago, it has elevated Bulger’s game because he now has the deep threat he’d been missing and another weapon opposite Tory Holt. In this game, the Cards are vulnerable to the pass. Jake Delhomme put up just under 250 yards and 2 scores last week and we envision similar results from Bulger in what should be a high scoring affair. Look for 200+ yards and a few scores.

4. David Garrard vs. Cincinnati. The Bengals have pretty much been the antidote all year for quarterbacks looking to get healthy ( fantasy) stat wise. Last Sunday, against the Texans, the Bengals alllowed Matt Schaub to go 24 for 28 with 280 yards and 3 TDs. In this one, we see the Jags looking to establish the running game early, but since their offensive line has been decimated by injury, that hasn’t been something easy to come by. To pick up the slack, they’ll need Garrrard to step up in this football game and we see 200+ yards and at least 2 TDs.


1. Matt Schaub vs. Minnesota. While the Vikings are almost impossible to run against, the same can’t be said about the pass. Two weeks ago vs. the Bears, in a game that was perceived as a defensive battle going into it, the (pass) defense was torched by QB Kyle Orton as the Vikes lost 48-41. In this match-up, we see Schaub continuing his hot hand and putting up solid numbers for the 3rd consecutive week. Look for he and WR Johnson to continue their fine season and the QB to get at least 250 yards with a score or two.

2. Jay Cutler vs. Miami. Two weeks after being humiliated on national TV, 41-7 to the Patriots, the Broncos are ready to get back to action vs. the Dolphins this Sunday in Denver. The Dolphins have been very good against the run this season but are vulnerable vs. the pass. Since we don’t expect Denver’s running game to be much of a factor, look for Cutler to get back to what he does best - airing it out - and for WR’s Marshall and Royal, and TE Scheffler, to be the recipients of a lot of passes. 225 yards and 2 TDs.


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