Must Starts:

1. Andre Johnson vs. Cincinnati. Until someone stops this guy, he’s going to be a top fantasy play. Over the past three weeks, he’s amassed nearly 500-receiving yards and scored a few TDs. This week he gets the 0-7 Bengals, who have had just about enough of this season. Look for the Texans to continue to attack through the air and Johnson to be on the receiving end of a lot of QB Matt Schaub’s passes. 100+ yards and 1TD.

2. Steve Smith vs. Arizona. Smith is another guy on a bit of a roll. Ever since he came back from his two-game suspension earlier in the year, he’s shown that the rapport that he and Delhomme have built over the years is still there. In Sunday’s game vs. New Orleans, he went for 120+ and a long TD. And the Saints secondary is better than Arizona. Look for Smith to post big numbers once again: 100+ yards and at least 1TD.

3. Randy Moss vs. St. Louis. It looks like whatever slump Moss was in - he still could’ve been down from Brady’s injury - it’s gone. He had a strong outing Monday night vs. Denver and scored 2 TDs. Now he gets the Rams, who have been playing better of late, but still feature many weaknesses in the secondary. Look for the Patriots to try and attack on the ground once again and when the Rams bring up safety help, for Cassel to target Moss. Another big fantasy day with a score looks very possible.

4. Plaxico Burress vs. Pittsburgh. This is Plax’s return to the place he called home for his 1st five seasons. He’ll probably be a little more amped about this football game than most others. He’s coming into this game with some issues pertaining to his attitude, but one thing about Plax is that he can usually focus on the task at hand. We think NY will need to pass in order to pull off the road victory so look for Burress to have a big day against an injured secondary. 75 yards and a score.


1. Antonio Bryant vs. Dallas. The Cowboys are a mess right now. In fact, they’re on the brink of imploding. The Bucs on the other hand, come in focused, battle tested, and ready to assert themselves as one of the major players in the NFC this season with a victory in big D. Look for Bryant to abuse rookie CB Mike Jenkins or old man Henry and put up similar numbers to what he did vs Seattle this past Sunday. We see 100 yards being a possibility with a long score.

2. Braylon Edwards vs. Jacksonville. Whatever happened to the Braylon of ‘07? We sure do miss that guy. For whatever reason (perhaps his big year went to his head), Edwards seems off this year. He’s running poor routes, dropping everything in sight and he, along with the whole Browns offense has been in a funk. Look for Edwards, in a game of desperation for he and his counterparts, to come up big once again (as they did vs. the Giants) when they face off with the Jaguars. We see 75 yards plus one, maybe two scores.

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