Must Starts:

1. Chris Cooley vs. Detroit. In case you missed it last Sunday, Houston’s Owen Daniels shredded the middle of this Lions’ defense to the tune of 6 catches for 60+ yards and 2 TDs. Basically, there are gaping holes in there. In this one, we still Washington committing to its strong running game, but we like Campbell to locate Cooley on a number of occasions when the safety cheats up and he’s our best bet see 75 + yards and a score from #47.

2. Dallas Clark vs. Tennessee. 1st of all, I don’t see Indianapolis being able to run the football on this strong Titans’ defense. I believe they will pass. If the Titans follow Green Bay’s blueprint, it should minimize the big plays of the Colts’ receivers but allow Clark to have solid game. Look for him to be matched up with a Safety for most of the game and when it’s one-on-one, Peyton knows how to locate one of his favorite targets. 75 yards and 1TD.

3. Owen Daniels vs. Cincinnati. As mentioned in the Cooley posting, Daniels had an excellent day last Sunday as Schaub consistently targeted and hit the TE for some big numbers. Against a very vulnerable Bengals Defense, one that’s now playing without top rookie LB Keith Rivers, we like Daniels chances once again to get open in the middle of the field and put up solid fantasy numbers. 50+ yards and 1TD.

4. Antonio Gates vs. New Orleans. Man, it wasn’t too long ago that Gates ruled the NFL/fantasy TE world. In fact, it wasn’t even a question, but lingering toe issues have pushed him back to the pack. In this game, played in front of English fans who couldn’t care less about our sport, we see Gates once again becoming a major focus in San Diego’s passing attack as the Saints will look to take Tomlinson and the running game away. Look for #85 to post big numbers - 60 yards+ and score at least once.


1. Kevin Boss vs. Pittsburgh. He’s been relatively a non-factor to this point in the season but much of that goes to how the Giants schematically look to attack opposing defenses. The pecking order for receiving passes in New York goes WR, then RB, and then TE. In this match-up however, which will be a close, physical game, we see Pittsburgh focusing a lot of its coverages on the Giants’ receivers leaving Boss in one-on-one situations. He’s already shown (vs. Cincinnati) that if they call his number, he’ll answer. We like Boss to reach 50-receiving yards with the possibility of a score.

2. Bo Scaife vs. Indianapolis. The Titans passing conversely, goes through its TE’s 1st, receivers 2nd. In this match-up, we see Tennessee making a concerted effort to feed RBs White and Johnson the ball all night and when forced to pass, we like Collins to target his TE. Although he was slated to be a back-up to FA Crumpler, Collins and Scaife have shown great rapport and we see a solid game on Monday Night. Look for 50 yards and a TD.


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