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Washington @ Detroit - Kevin Smith runs for at least 100 yards. *Detroit wins 17-14*

Tennessee @ New York Jets - Tennesee has a weak D. Look for Sanchez to have a solid day. *New York wins 23-10*


New York Giants @ Tampa Bay - No Plaxico, No problem. Mario Manningham has another good game as Eli's go-to-guy. *New York wins 21-7*

Green Bay @ St. Louis - Green Bay was exposed again in week two. Still good enough to beat Rams. *Green Bay wins 21-3*

Atlanta @ New England - Should be a great game. Look for Turner to get the ball all day long. *Atlanta wins 21-20*

San Francisco @ Minnesota - 49ers looking like they might be back. Should be close. AP goes off once again. *San Fran wins in OT 24-21*

Kansas City @ Philadelphia- The Eagles are beat up. Kansas City still doesn't have it. *Philadelphia wins 21-17*

Jacksonville @ Houston - The Jags are no match for Houston's offense. *Houston wins 31-10*

Cleveland @ Baltimore - Brady Quinn is not a quality starter in the NFL. Baltimore will beat up on them. *Baltimore wins 28-0*

Chicago @ Seattle - Forte runs all over Seattle's D. Seattle pulls the upset at home. *14-10*

New Orleans @ Buffalo - Drew Brees is the best quarterback in the NFL. Buffalo will not keep up. *New Orleans wins 41-17*

Miami @ San Diego - Sproles = Lightning. Miami will make this an interesting game. *San Diego 17-13*

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati - No upset this time. *Pitt wins 21-7*

Indianapolis @ Arizona - The heat won't effect this game. Peyton will have a career day. *Indy wins 31-21*

Carolina @ Dallas - MNF will be a nailbiter. Barber might not play. *Dallas wins 23-19*

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