After a week of exciting games, blowouts, upsets and injury’s I think everybody is ready to turn to week 2. I will defiantly be watching when the New England Patriot’s limp their way to New Jersey to play their division rival the New York Jets. This will be their first meeting in New York since the famous Spy Gate incident. The Patriot’s will also be with out Tom Brady, their MVP.

Both teams have new quarterbacks. The Jets will trot future hall of famer Brett Favre out on the field for the second time. Last week he was able to squeak by the Miami Dolphins defense, tossing two touchdowns. One was a beautiful play action pass that threw off the Dolphins defenders. The second was a desperation 4th and forever play that resembled his best recreation of Eli Manning’s bomb to David Tyree in Super Bowl 42. The Jets offense looks like it is getting on track to be one of the deadliest offenses in the league, and I am not sure if the Patriots defense can stop it.

As for the Patriots they will be having Matt Cassel call the plays in the huddle. It will help Cassel to have Randy Moss and Wes Welker and an all-star offensive line. But the inexperience of Cassel will probably help Jet’s defensive corp. All though Cassel had a great showing against the Chiefs, they are the Chiefs and the Jets are a much better defensive team than the Chiefs.

Look for this to be a great game and go right down to the final play of the fourth quarter. It pains me to say this but Jets get the win, 24-14.

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