We’re just listing players this week; no witty banter for the final week of the season. Hope you all had a successful fantasy football season, and if you did, feel free to donate copious amounts of cash to the team.

1. Randy Moss at New York Giants

2. Braylon Edwards vs. San Francisco 49ers

3. Larry Fitzgerald vs. St. Louis Rams

4. Marques Colston at Chicago Bears

5. Andre Johnson vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

6. Brandon Marshall vs. Minnesota Vikings

7. T.J. Houshmandzadeh at Miami Dolphins

8. Anquan Boldin vs. St. Louis Rams

9. Steve Smith at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

10. Chad Johnson at Miami Dolphins

11. Torry Holt at Arizona Cardinals

12. Santonio Holmes at Baltimore Ravens

13. Roddy White vs. Seattle Seahawks

14. Santana Moss vs. Dallas Cowboys

15. Hines Ward at Baltimore Ravens

16. Donald Driver vs. Detroit Lions

17. Wes Welker at New York Giants

18. Reggie Brown vs. Buffalo Bills

19. Kevin Curtis vs. Buffalo Bills

20. Jerricho Cotchery vs. Kansas City Chiefs

21. Greg Jennings vs. Detroit Lions

22. Derrick Mason vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

23. Dwayne Bowe at New York Jets

24. Chris Chambers at Oakland Raiders

25. Reggie Wayne vs. Tennessee Titans

26. Lee Evans at Philadelphia Eagles

27. Calvin Johnson at Green Bay Packers

28. Isaac Bruce at Arizona Cardinals

29. Jabar Gaffney at New York Giants

30. Nate Burleson at Atlanta Falcons

31. Shaun McDonald at Green Bay Packers

32. Darrell Jackson at Cleveland Browns

33. Bernard Berrian vs. New Orleans Saints

34. Dave Patten at Chicago Bears

35. Deion Branch at Atlanta Hawks

36. Roydell Williams at Indianapolis Colts

37. Plaxico Burress vs. New England Patriots

38. Kevin Walter vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

39. Chris Henry at Miami Dolphins

40. Antwaan Randle El vs. Dallas Cowboys

41. Sam Hurd at Washington Redskins

42. Donte Stallworth at New York Giants

43. Muhsin Muhammad vs. New Orleans Saints

44. Ted Ginn Jr. vs. Cincinnati Bengals

45. Arnaz Battle at Cleveland Browns

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