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New England Patriots v. New York Giants, 8:15 Sat

Tom, Rest the starters. There is nothing of note to gain here. If you win against a 15-0 team, you become a footnote in the annals in history, only to be brought the next time a team reaches 15-0. If you win next week against the Bucs in the first round of the playoffs, then you will not only receive a lucrative extension, but will have a shot at the ultimate prize, the Lombardi trophy.

Burress is one situation that is interesting because his ankle is not going to heal in a week, and the team actually believes that it "can't get any worse." So, it really doesn't matter if he plays, but Ahmad Bradshaw, Brandon Jacobs, Aaron Ross, James Butler, and Gibril Wilson could all use a week off. So, give it to them. Who cares how much you lose by, give me a shot at the title, and I'll eat this pie to the face.

Patriots 28 - Giants 10

New York Jets v. Kansas City Chiefs, 4:15 PM

Herm against his former team. Now, I don't think that Herm is a great coach. I don't think that he's even a good coach, but he is damn entertaining. Loyal reader Brian Hirshman once claimed that he heard Herm talking about barbecue, and was inspired to go get him some. He was willing to drive to Jersey. Literally.

As far as the game, I would expect the Jets to win. I think that the Jets should petition the leauge for a week three bye week every year, so they can get their defense right earlier in the season.

Jets 17 - Chiefs 7

Other Games:

Seattle 21 - Atlanta 17

Chicago 20 - New Orleans 7

Cincinnati 31 - Miami 7

Green Bay 17 - Detroit 7

Jacksonville 30 - Houston 17

Carolina 17 - Tampa Bay 7

Philadelphia 24 - Buffalo 13

San Francisco 24 - Cleveland 17 (Ask Jason about the Shaun Hill era.)

Pittsburgh 21 - Baltimore 10

San Diego 28 - Oakland 7

Dallas 20 - Washington 7

St. Louis 31 - Arizona 28

Denver 24 - Minnesota 20

Tennessee 24 - Indianapolis 10

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