Must Starts:

1. Dallas Clark vs. Jacksonville Jaguars. Let’s go right back to the guy who was Manning’s favorite target in their victory over the Lions last Sunday. Clark amassed 142 receiving yards and 1TD. And on Thursday, when the Colts clinch a playoff berth, look for Clark to once again post solid a fantasy statline.

2. Tony Gonzalez vs. Miami Dolphins. Even though they’re sitting at 2-11, the Chiefs are still very competitive and the offense is doing good things under the developing Tyler Thigpen. And the main beneficiary of the improved QB play has been Tony Gonzalez. His numbers over the past month and a half have been phenomenal and we see that trend continuing on Sunday.

3. Jason Witten vs. Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens possess a very solid defense, but Witten is a special player that can find room down the seam. And with the protection that the Dallas O-Line affords Romo most of the time, it allows Witten to get open. Look for the Romo-Witten combo to be in full effect on Sunday as they Ravens head to Big D.

4. John Carlson vs. New York Jets. The rookie TE has blossomed towards the second half of his rookie season and especially in particular. The Jets’ secondary is strong, but that’s mostly on the outside; the TE can find room to work the middle of the field against NY and that’s what we see Carlson doing well on Sunday.


1. Zack Miller vs. Houston Texans. Miller is one of the few bright spots in the Raiders’ passing game. JaMarcus Russell has developed a nice rapport with the TE and he’ll have ample room to work against an average Houston secondary.

2. Visanthe Schiancoe vs. Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons possess an attacking front four and can really get after the QB, and in turn, the way to offset that in the passing game is with short passes. And that’s where the TE comes into play. Schiancoe can get out into the flat and do some damage. Look for Jackson to locate his TE early and often on Sunday.

Others with favorable match-ups:

1. Anthony Fasano vs. Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs pass defense is almost non-existent. That’s what happens when you have fewer than ten sacks on the entire NFL season. With no pressure, plays can develop and the QB can locate his targets. And look for Pennington to locate Fasano on a number of occasions this Sunday.

2. Dustin Keller vs. Seattle Seahawks. Keller’s numbers have been off a bit these past few weeks but that’s primarily due to the overall slump of the offense. This week, they get the perfect medicine to cure their offensive ills: the Seahawks’ defense. Look for Favre to attack the middle of the field and for Keller’s speed to create mismatches for Seattle all day long.

3. Tony Scheffler vs. Buffalo Bills. The Broncos will be looking to lock up the AFC West with a victory over the Bills this Sunday. If they don’t, with a Chargers’ win on Sunday, it would set-up a do or die game between the teams on the last weekend of football. So look for Cutler to hit his favorite target (outside of Marshall) and for Scheffler to enjoy a solid fantasy day, with the possibility of a score.

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