Must Starts:

1. Tony Gonzalez vs. San Diego Chargers. Until he has an off day, Tony G is our top pick at TE. After playing lights out the past three or four weeks, he followed up with another solid fantasy day catching five passes for 73 yards and a TD. Look for more of the same when the Chargers try and match S Eric Weddle on Gonzalez. He should be good for another 75+ yard day and a score.

2. Jason Witten vs. New York Giants. The Giants actually schemed quite well against Witten in their earlier season match-up and all the way back to last season’s Division Playoff loss for the Cowboys, but Witten is hard to contain over a sustained period of time. He’s Romo’s favorite target and look for the two to connect in this high scoring affair. 75 yards and a TD.

3. John Carlson vs. St. Louis Rams. This 2nd round pick from this season’s NFL Draft is really playing at a high level towards the end of his first season and Seattle has something to look forward to in the future. He reeled in another TD pass on Sunday and should have a lot of success this weekend when they head to play the Rams. 75 yards and a TD.

4. Donald Lee vs. Jacksonville Jaguars. The likelihood of the Packers making the post season is almost non-existent, but in their effort to stay alive this week, look for Lee to be a huge part of the passing game when Green Bay gets near the red zone. He’s become one of Aaron Rodgers favorite targets down there and will be targeted once again on Sunday.


1. Vernon Davis vs. Miami Dolphins. The initial scuffle between HC Singletary and Davis has led to a more focused player on Davis’ part. He seems revitalized at the TE position and Martz is beginning to use him/and his skills in the passing game. Look for the TE to have another solid day down in Miami.

2. Zach Miller vs. New England Patriots. Miller can only hope that JaMarcus Russell is forced to sit out this one. It’ll give the passing game a chance against a depleted Pats’ secondary. Oakland’s TE is quite talented and should be able to find room to work down the middle of this field.

Others with favorable match-ups:

1. Kevin Boss vs. Dallas Cowboys. Someone has got to make up for the loss of balls thrown Burress’s way and we see Boss being a big part of the game plan when NY heads down to Dallas this Sunday Night. He’s a nightmare match-up for most LBs and can use his size to catch balls against safetys.

2. Owen Daniels vs. Tennessee Titans. When the Colts played Tennessee back in Week 9 of the season it was Dallas Clark who beat the Titans for two TDs. There are opportunities down the center of the field and underneath. Look for Schaub to use Daniels much in the same way.

3. Chris Cooley vs. Cincinnati Bengals. Against most good teams, we’d think the Skins would keep Cooley into block now that they’ve lost LT Samuels for the season, but the Bengals are certainly not a good team. Look for Campbell to locate his TE in the short passing game and for Cooley to post a solid fantasy stat line with a goal line score.

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