I feel it's the right time for week 15 NFL picks and predictions.

After last week’s three-point win over the Washington Redskins, people were beginning to call the New Orleans Saints lucky rather than good.

I wonder what they’re going to call them this week, after yet another close contest with a team missing its best two players. 2009 NFL Week 15 will be instrumental in the playoff picture. Each loss can spell the end of a team's hopes. Each win can bring a squad that much closer to their post season desire. Look for every team to put out the ultimate effort.

The following are my 2009 NFL Week 15 picks and predictions:

Indianapolis vs. Jacksonville: The Colts have home field advantage throughout the playoffs, but it's too early to start resting players. The culture of Indi is to do what they need to in order to make the playoffs, but not to go for any regular season glory. There's a real chance of a loss for them over the next three weeks. The Jaguars are in the playoff hunt, but their defense will not hold up in Week 15.

Indianapolis 23, Jacksonville 17

Saturday, December 19th:

Dallas vs. New Orleans: Unlike the Colts, the Saints need to continue to win to secure home field advantage. There is really no reason to think they will lose this home game. Dallas, on the other hand, is completely unpredictable. They are in the playoff picture, but have the December jitters. No amount of analysis will account for the Cowboys' inability to win in this month.

New Orleans 33, Dallas 21

Sunday, December 20th

New England vs. Buffalo, 1:00PM ET: The Patriots, by no means, have their division locked up. The Dolphins and Jets are breathing down their neck. Also, they have looked very vulnerable. The Bills have the tools to surprise the Patriots. The question is if Buffalo will reach into that tool box and pick the right utensil.

New England 21, Buffalo 13

Arizona vs. Detroit, 1:00PM ET: The Cardinals should be scared, not about the Lions, but about ever reaching their ultimate goal. They showed how out of character they can get if things don't start right. Fortunately, for them, they are playing the Lions and should have no problem, no matter how out of sorts they are.

Arizona 30, Detroit 12

Miami vs. Tennessee, 1:00PM ET: A few weeks ago, this wouldn't have been a hard prediction to make. But here in Week 15 it's hard to say who has the better team. Both have glaring deficiencies, but both have had nice, bright spots to the 2009 season. If Vince Young is healthy, the Titans have more fire power. But if Young is still nursing the strained hamstring, then the Dolphins have the edge.

Miami 27, Tennessee 17

Cleveland vs. Kansas City, 1:00PM ET: Who knows? Who cares? Let's just say that the emotional high that the Browns are feeling after beating the Steelers will carry over into Week 15. The Chiefs do have the offensive capability to put some points on the board against a horrible defense.

Cleveland 20, Kansas City 10

Houston vs. St. Louis, 1:00PM ET: The Texans just destroyed the Seahawks in Week 14 and should have a similar display against the Rams. St. Louis is arguably the worst team in the NFL.

Houston 30, St. Louis 9

Atlanta vs. NY Jets, 1:00PM ET The Falcons rise and fall with the health of Matt Ryan. If they had been full strength against the Saints, who knows what the outcome would have been. Atlanta's physical condition is too much of an unknown to predict their success. Meanwhile, the Jets have been respectable; not outstanding, but respectable. This should be a tough contest with defense winning out.

NY Jets 17, Atlanta 14

San Francisco vs. Philadelphia, 1:00PM ET: The 49ers show drops of skill but buckets of incompetence. The Eagles are starting to roll and have a division hanging on every victory. While San Francisco has a stellar defense, Philadelphia's offensive schemes will confuse them and dash their playoff hopes.

Philadelphia 24, San Francisco 16

Chicago vs. Baltimore, 1:00PM ET: The Bears are just not right. They have the look of a team who has given up on the 2009 season. The Ravens showed off the offensive explosion they have in them. Baltimore has too much on the line to let this one get away.

Baltimore 21, Chicago 13

Cincinnati vs. San Diego, 4:05PM ET: This can be pointed to as the Week 15 highlight. Both the Bengals and the Chargers are leading their divisions, but aren't feeling too comfortable. The Bengals' defense isn't quite as stellar as they hoped, and the Chargers can't seem to be stopped. This one will have playoff intensity!

San Diego 27, Cincinnati 13

Oakland vs. Denver, 4:05PM ET The Raiders can't catch a break. Just when they think things are starting to click, Bruce Gradkowski goes down and JaMarcus Russell comes in to ruin the day. Their offense will, again, be anemic. The Broncos were bullied by a better team, but still have some potential. They'll need to play with heart to keep their playoff hopes intact.

Denver 24, Oakland 6

Green Bay vs. Pittsburgh, 4:15PM ET: The Packers seem to be gelling at just the right time. They are in a good position in the Wild Card race, but need to keep their focus. The Steelers are reeling. They really don't seem to know what is wrong; therefore there is no reason to think this week will be any different than the last five.

Green Bay 28, Pittsburgh 17

Tampa Bay vs. Seattle, 4:15PM ET: Could Week 15 bring the Buccaneers their second win of the 2009 NFL season? Maybe, but don't count on it. If the Seahawks show up the way they can, they should be able to handle this opponent much easier than they did their last.

Seattle 20, Tampa Bay 17

Minnesota vs. Carolina, 8:20PM ET: The Vikings have clinched a playoff berth, but there's still much work to be done to make their situation a little more comfortable. The positive thing for them is they have every reason to think they are dominant. Offense, defense, and desire are all working together right now. The Panthers have wanted to play good football, but just don't have the ability to.

Minnesota 35, Carolina 17

Monday, December 21st

NY Giants vs. Washington, 8:30PM ET: The Giants need this! If New York wants to keep any aspiration of being in the playoffs, they need to come to this contest ready to play. The Redskins can play the spoiler. Their season is over, but they can rise to the occasion playing this divisional rival.

NY Giants 24, Washington 21

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