NFL Power Rankings Week 15– After a challenging Week 14 of the NFL season and the 49ers vs Cardinals’ Monday night football game has just wrapped up, it’s time and let’s get going with the NFL Power Rankings for Week 15.

In the Monday night game, San Francisco defeated Arizona and I’m ready to put out my week 15 NFL power rankings.

Here are NFL Power Rankings for Week 15 (NFL Week 14 Rankings are in brackets):

1 (1) New Orleans Saints (13-0): Another week, another close win and struggling against bad teams but still undefeated.

2 (2) Indianapolis Colts (13-0): The Colts just won their 22nd regular season game.

3 (3) Minnesota Vikings (11-2): Dominant victory against the Bengals last time out and nice to see Adrian Peterson return to form.

4 (4) San Diego Chargers (10-3): The Chargers continue to roll in December and Heading into week 15 with 8 straight wins.

5 (7) Philadelphia Eagles (9-4): 4 straights wins is good for a top spot in the power rankings and a messy win, but still a win. Are the Eagles starting to utilize Michael Vick?

6 (9) Green Bay Packers (9-4): Green Bay might actually have a defense and with cold winter weather in full effect on the Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field, Aaron Rodgers may start passing less, leaving Ryan Grant to pick up the slack.

7 (5)  Cincinnati Bengals (9-4): The Bengals passing game needs to improve if they want to be an elite team and will the real Cincinnati please stand up?

8 (6) Dallas Cowboys (8-5): Another week of the “Tony Romo doesn’t produce in December” conversation and home loss to the Chargers sends Dallas down to #8.

9 (8) Arizona Cardinals (8-5): Nothing went right on Monday night football and still maddeningly inconsistent. With a division title in their grasp, they give up seven turnovers.

10 (12) New England Patriots (8-5): Brady’s injury is affecting that offense and the rankings and at least took a couple of seasons for Randy Moss to implode?

11 (15) Baltimore Ravens (7-6): Nothing went wrong against the Lions and the Ravens are hurting at the tight end position.

12 (10) Denver Broncos (8-5): Brandon Marshall had a great day.

13 (11) New York Giants (7-6): So talented yet so inconsistent this NFL season and the Giants defense can’t seem to stop anybody.

14 (13) Jacksonville Jaguars (7-6): Maurice Jones Drew has been solid in fantasy and how are the Jaguars still in the playoff race? They might not be for much longer when the face the Colts on Thursday.

15 (16) Miami Dolphins (7-6): Putting themselves back in the NFL playoff picture and with the Pats floundering, could the Dolphins win the division?

16 (17) New York Jets (7-6): 3 straight victories have the Jets thinking playoffs again and don’t look now but the Jets have won three in a row.

17 (18) Tennessee Titans (6-7): Could move up in our power rankings with a week 15 victory and Chris Johnson continue to dominate.

18 (20) Houston Texans (6-7): Offense is so good but the defense and Matt Schaub had 300 yards in passing by halftime.

19 (21) San Francisco 49ers (6-7): 49ers showing life after a rough stretch and after going to the spread offense, it’s nice to see the Niners go back to Frank Gore and the ground game.

20 (14) Pittsburgh Steelers (6-7): 5 straight losses heading into week 15 and who would have thought the Cleveland Browns would hand the Steelers a death blow?

21 (19) Atlanta Falcons (6-7): Missing Matt Ryan and Michael Turner badly and as if the team doesn’t enough problems with its injuries, Jonathan Babineaux goes and gets himself arrested.

22 (22) Carolina Panthers (5-8): Are you allowed to call out an opponent for “quitting” after they just beat you? Injuries are killing these guys this year.

23 (26) Buffalo Bills (5-8): Another NFL team that could use some consistency and their defense came up big against the struggling Chiefs.

24 (23) Chicago Bears (5-8): Such a good arm and such poor decisions and just playing out the string.

25 (24) Seattle Seahawks (5-8): Not much love for Seattle in the week 15 power rankings and ditto for the Seahawks.

26 (25) Washington Redskins (4-9): Playing much better football lately and Quinton Ganther looked promising.

27 (27) Oakland Raiders (4-9): Is Justin Fargas really the son of Antonio “Huggy Bear” Fargas? Looking good until JaMarcus Russell came back.

28 (28) Kansas City Chiefs (3-10): Offense is struggling heading into week 15 and the Chiefs offense is a mess.

29 (30) Cleveland Browns (2-11): Doing their best to avoid the top draft pick and I’m sure the Browns stink, but they stink less than they used to.

30 (29) Detroit Lions (2-11): Played about as bad as possible last week. Running back Kevin Smith, one of the team’s few bright spots this season, is done for the year.

31 (32) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-12): Not getting blown out has them here in our rankings. Stretching back to last season, the Bucs have lost 16 of their last 17.

32 (31) St. Louis Rams (1-12): Last in power rankings but let’s expect some thing about Keith Null.

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