If you don't know how the Yankees - Red Sox game ended Saturday, you probably don't have access to cable television, internet, a newspaper, a library, friends, etc. But if all you have going for you is an antenna that beams FOX into your living room, Saturday evening was a disturbing time.

With two outs and two strikes in the top of the ninth, Boston leading 4-3, FOX interrupted this copyrighted telecast of Major League Baseball to show the Subway Fresh Fit 500. The network's agreement with NASCAR superseded any obligations it had to a tight finish between rivals, so it was off to the racetrack it went.

In fairness to FOX, even with Red Sox-Yankees game being delayed more than two hours, they were this close to being able to seamlessly double up. And in a further display of fairness, it should be revealed that the conclusion of the game was available on the cable channel FX.

But fairness aside, what is this world coming to? We're talking about the Red Sox and Yankees! NASCAR fans can afford to miss a lap or two, especially when they've got 498 more coming. But if you peal away at lap 499, some people out there in our nation (who don't have maps) are going to come unglued.

This had me pretty upset until I read that a FOX spokesperson had offered a heartfelt apology on behalf of the network: "For any frustration on fans' behalf, we apologize." Forgiven!

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