Yesterday, the Biloxi, Mississippi paper The Sun Herald reported that Brett Favre had decided that he would be back after this season. 

Peter King refuted that this morning on "Mitch in the Morning" on 950 KJR. You can hear the audio here: (will be podcasted soon)

King stated that last night he was having dinner with Favre and Brett stated it was taken out of context. 

The quote:  

"Each week, I bring more stress on myself wondering if this is too good to be true," Favre told the Sun Herald. "I want to continue the streak and winning. When I talk about the streak, it's not the (consecutive) starts; it's the hot streak we are on. Then, I ask what can I do better?  

"I am trying to enjoy it because this could be my last game in Green Bay. For the first time in three years, I haven't thought this could be my last game. I would like to continue longer."  

Favre stated that this was said to mean that he could see THIS season going longer and that he actually feels that the team could make a run.  

Thank you, Peter King.

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