See, there is justice in the world of baseball. Bob Watson, Major League Baseball's answer to "Law & Order" DA Jack McCoy laid the law down on Tampa Bay outfielder Jonny Gomes and New York Yankees infield Melky Cabrera and outfielder Shelly Duncan for the bench clearing brawl in St. Petersburg Wednesday afternoon between the two clubs.

Duncan and Cabrera were each suspended for three games, while Gomes will be suspended for two games, all in addition to fines of an undisclosed amount. According to Watson, Duncan's actions were termed "violent and reckless." It's one thing to play hard and slide into a bag hard. It's another to try and injure someone. Duncan could have gotten hurt himself, in hindsight.  

While this may or may not get the two teams to play nice, it will at least get their attention. If no one appeals their suspensions, as is their right to under MLB rules, the three will be serving their time starting March 31st. The Yankees will open the regular season at home against the Blue Jays in the last opening day at the old Yankees Stadium, while the Rays will open against the Orioles in Baltimore at Camden Yards.

Someone was going to pay for their misdeeds. Gomes, Duncan and Cabrera were made examples.

Even Jack McCoy would be proud.

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