Last night in a pivitoal Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals one call may have decided the outcome of the series.

First i will start off with the summary of the game up to the foul.

The Spurs and Lakers went back and forth all game, but every time the Spurs got a chance to grab the lead, they could not find the shot. Then after a four point play and two turnovers that turned into easy baskets, the Lakers had a nine point lead and then with 27 seconds left the Spurs were only down by two and it was Laker ball for one possesion before San Antonio had a chance to tie or win the game. Then with seven seconds left, Derek Fisher shot an airball that went off Robert Horry's leg and out of bounds with two ticks left on the shot clock. The Lakers then missed the quick shot and the Spurs had 2.5 seconds to make a play. Oh you could feel the excitement in the AT&T Center. Then came the foul which you can see at 55 seconds in this video(It is an obvious foul close up, but you can still see it on the far shot)

Derek Fisher dropped a Macho Man Randy Savage Elbow Drop on Brent Barry during the pump fake which is in a shooting action by the rule book and he would have shot three foul shots and by his career stats he would have made at least two and the game would be going into OT or the series would be tied. Now comes the question, should the fould have been called or not, or should the refs let them play at the end of the game? I think this affected the outcome of the game and should have been called. A foul is a foul no matter what part of the game it is in and the refs should call them as they see em. Please tell me your opinion in the comments page.

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