Like a lot of sports nuts, there’s a lot of shit I find confusing in the sports world. Yesterday Fred Mitchell of the Chicago Tribune wrote a piece on how Dwyane Wade says he keeps hearing his name mentioned in trade rumors involving the Bulls and Miami Heat. And well, before one knew it, it spread faster than a California wildfire! Good going Fred, California loves you too!

On the heels of the NBA Finals, Fred decided to stir the pot a little, deflecting some attention away from it for a few milli seconds regarding potentially a trade that would have the Bulls give up the No. 1 draft position to the Heat in exchange for Wade and the No. 2 overall selection. Or some combination of other players and picks. Very interesting stuff to chew on indeed! Now we all know Wade hails from Chi-Town…And like so many grew up idolizing Jordan, which would undoubtedly be welcomed back home with open arms. Although, I have to ask, not if these trade rumors have any merit to them…But rather, would a trade like this make sense for both teams?

Sure, D-Wade is one of the most dynamic players in the league today…He’s also very injury prone too! Why would the Bulls want to give up not only the overall pick, but in addition as Mitchell points out and/or some combination of other players for this potential Red Cross hazard. A hazard that FEMA would have to think twice before getting involved! Okay, so I get that the NBA is virtually all about potential…Well, potentially speaking this could have disaster written all over it for the Bulls. Nobody knows if Wade is damaged goods or not…In this instance, the risks simply out-weigh the rewards. Although if that "some combination of players" Mitchell speaks about could somehow include Pot Head Noah…Then, hell, John Paxson, pull that trigger son!

From the Miami Heat’s perspective…What the hell’s the difference if you pick number one or number two? It’s just like last year between Oden and Durrant…You’re either going to have Rose or Beasley fall into your freaking lap! So why want to move up…That is if the rumors are more than rumors, more like serious concerns about Wade not resigning with you guys after his extension runs dry. If it’s that, then I can totally see the perspective you cats are coming from! And that’s precisely why this "trade" would make any sense to do…Thinking Wade is a bad apple and trying to pawn him off on somebody else while trying to rebuild your own team with a plethora of players.

Well, if we’re all giddy up for the NBA Finals to start…Hell, screw that, I’m a Bulls fan! Get me to draft night to see what kind of fireworks go on there. Personally, I don’t make this deal for the simple fact of Wade’s injury prone history…Too many miles I think.

To read Mitchell’s piece…,1,6735188.column

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