If someone just looks at the score, you would think the Mountaineers solidly

beat the Wildcats decisively, but looking at the stats and not knowing the score, you

would think WVU would have lost or least think it was a closer game than recorded.

Villinova had more yards, first downs and more time of possession.


              Offensively I would have to say the  Mountaineers  are one of the top Offenses

in the nation.   But the defense is another story it's young and needs to tighten up if the

Mountaineers  want  to be able to do what they did last year,   or even maybe play for it

all. I don't believe they will be able to outscore teams to keep on winning,  East Carolina

is hosting  WVU  next saturday and  they  just showed  the  very  good  Va. Tech  team

that they can play football.  Sitting here watching South Fla.  play tells me the Big East

is going to be competitive this year also.

               Jeff Castell  better get his defense better prepared,  solidify that front line and

cover better in the secondary, or it's going to a long season. If it wasn't for WVU capitalizing

off the turnovers this would have deffinately been a different ball game. Morty Ivy did look

on defense  and  how about  Jock Sanders  becoming a playmaker on offense.   Makes

the  Mountaineer  offense very problematic for any defense to defend against.

              Still I can't hardly wait for each gameday. It's not going to be a boring season,

that's for sure.



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