A woman is seeking an arrest warrant against Adam "Pacman" Jones, claiming he punched her at an Atlanta strip club on January 3rd.  As you all know, Pacman is on probation after shooting, and paralyzing a bouncer at a club last February in Las Vegas. Jones was suspended for the entire 2007 Football season, and could end up getting suspended for the entire '08 season if he pleads guilty.  Officials say he accused managers of stealing his money, and bracelet.  Officials also say he lunged at the woman numerous times, and then "sucker punched" her in the left eye.

Jones has been arrested 6 times since being drafted into the NFL in 2005.  The one and ONLY thing I learned from this whole mess is, Pacman is a jerk.  I am pretty sure there was some kind of alcohol abuse, or drugs he was on, because it takes a REAL jerk to sucker punch a woman.  He shouldn't have even been within 10 miles of any kind of club.

Pacman should not be allowed back into the NFL, Roger Goodell needs to end this once and for all.  Pacman has to be the most hated athlete in sports right now.  That's ALL I have to say on this topic.

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