The Boston Bruins suffered a beat down to the Washington Capitals on Monday night (final score 10-2), snapping their six game win streak and their eight game point streak. The Capitals dominated from the opening face off. (Perhaps a little pay back from when the Patriots beat the Redskins 52-7!)

Not much to write about as far as how the game went, because the Bruins just did not show up. However, I just read on the Boston Globe “Bruins Blog” that Zdeno Chara, Marco Sturm, and Phil Kessel were the only Bruins not to record a minus rating in the game. How come Chara was not in the minus category? This is what upsets me the most about the stampede. Alexander Ovechkin was on the ice for 6 of the 10 goals. The best player in the NHL and your number 1 defenseman is not lineup with him?!? I know that Chara was in the penalty box for two of Ovechkin’s goals, because of a fight that he was in with Donald Brashear. He did his job in that one, trying to rally his team, but they suffered a huge let down in that time. So that is 4 times Alexander the great was on the ice and the Capitals scored. Even if Chara was on the ice for both of Boston’s goals that is still a minus two. Chara was in the box with minors for two of Washington’s goals and was on the ice for both Boston goals allowing him to break even, however that is two times the Ovechkin was on the ice and no Chara.

Most people may think I am crazy for complaining the Chara was not in the minus column but I hope you understand why I am confused about this. I think Claude has done a terrific job as the head coach this year, this is the first time I don’t understand his match-ups, but the Bruins are winning for the most part, right! Hopefully this all blows over and the Bruins get back to their winning ways.

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