"Run, Lindsey, Run!" Those words were uttered in 1980 by longtime Georgia Bulldogs announcer Larry Munson. Some will say that Munson announced the construction of Noah's Ark. WSB Radio and the UGA athletic department annouced that the 85-year old Munson is in an Athens hospital recovering from brain surgery to remove a blood clot.

I would listen to Munson, even if the game were on television (I would turn the tv down or mute it altogether), so that made it personal for me. He was planning on calling Georgia's G-Day game Saturday but pulled out at the last minute. This was a wise decision on his part.

He no longer travels with DawgNation when the Bulldogs leave the friendly confines Between the Hedges, because of his health. He has seen such Georgia greats as Lindsey Scott, Buck Belue, Tony Gilbert and this kid from Wrightsville, Georgia, who wore the number 34. That kid came on the national scene when he knocked over Tennessee's Bill Bates. He and Bates would become teammates later on in their lives. The person I'm talking about also won this thropy called the Heisman before bolting for the USFL. Yep. Herschel Walker.  When Georgia upset Tennessee in 2001, he said the Bulldogs "just stepped on their face with a hobnail boot and broke their nose. We just crushed their face." That caught me by suprise when I heard it but later on, when I saw the t-shirts go on sale with that statement, I knew that it was true.

According to family and friends, Munson is resting comfortably in that Athens hospital but ask for patience and privacy, so that he can recover. I hope that the fans of DawgNation understands that.

Get well, Larry and HUNKER DOWN!

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