Okay I admit it, I wasn't around in the 80s. But I've watched several tapes of old NFL broadcasts (not the ones ESPN produce), and compare some of them to today's NFL broadcasts. Just look at the difference. Pat Summerall, Jack Buck vs. Bryant Gumbel, Joe Buck. No sideline reporting bonanza with "human interest" stories. No pointless robots jumping up and down. No graphics cluttering the screen. Just 2 men in the booth, an occasional report from the sidelines, calling a football game. Look at the videos of old intros and actual game play. Where is the promo for Jumper? Where are the sponsors itching to get their name on there? It's not over done, it's simple. Look at broadcasts today. You need 5 men in the pre-game, Frank Caliendo (I'm fine with that actually), and then 4 commentators for a football game. Watch the videos and you'll see what I mean.

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