The great double in 2008, a record breaking season for Christiano Ronaldo, record breaking Appearances for Ryan Giggs, Scholes plays final after missing 1999 treble, and United mark the 50th anniversary of the United air crash in Munich, with a victory. Unbelievable season it seems but one has to look back at the past few years to see where United have really come from.

  • 2004- lost to Porto in the second round
    • 2005- lost to Ac Milan second round
      • 2006- didnt make it out of the group stage consisting of Benfica, Villareal and Lille
        • 2007- semi final loss to AC Milan

Giggs, Scholes are all on their last legs and a new breed of youngsters such as Nani, Anderson, Evra, Tevez were introduced. A lot of rebuilding in the progress but the results are visible today. United went from 2003 to 2007 without the Premier League Title, but now have back to back titles. The funny thing is last season Tevez saved West Ham from relegation and now in the space of a year he has a Premier League Title and a Champions League winners medal. Neville barely played a game this whole season and I think Giggs and Scholes will now give way to the new players including Hargreaves and Parkji. The United Team as of now is a force to reckon with and with the youngsters maturing rapidly they will be dangerous to reckon with for a while. Alex Ferguson will be breathing soghs of relief seeing his efforts have not gone futile and a manager cannot ask for a better season. Long live United

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