First June Jones leaves for SMU, and Hawai'i promotes Greg McMackin. And now as some of you may or may not know The University of Hawaii athletic department announced a breakthrough eight-year, $4.1 million apparel contract with Under Armour, joining Auburn, Maryland, South Carolina and Texas Tech as teams with Under Armour deals.

Under Armour will supply the team with $2,424,000 in product for the student-athletes, coaches, and staff during the term of the agreement. Under Armour will also pay UH $1,680,000 in cash, including $1,140,000 in rights fees and a minimum of $540,000 in marketing support as a member of the UH Corporate Partner Program.

Uniform Highlights

  • Use of the UH green in both the home and away uniforms was a priority
  • The fabric on the jersey shoulders and sleeves has a tapa design.
  • Instead of "Warriors" above the numbers, the "Hawai`i" brand is being used in order to provide greater university recognition. Also, the "Hawai`i" text size is larger for great visibility.
  • The "H" brand is featured on the pants and above the player's name on the back of the jersey.
  • The distinctive UH tapa numbers are used on both uniforms.
  • Only UH's green helmet will be worn for both home and away games.
  • The silver road uniform, including the jerseys, pants, and helmet, will not be continued.


Here are the old Nike home and away uniforms.

Oldhome              Oldaway     

And here are the mock ups of the new Under Armour uniforms.

Newunifs Newunifs2

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