I don't know how many people saw this video but I couldn't believe it when I saw it.  They showed it on ESPN and I watched it again on you tube just so I made sure I saw it right. Jonathan Roy, son of Patrick Roy, gets into a fight in a junior hockey league game.  That wouldn't be so bad except that the other goalie didn't want to fight.  Roy just went down to the other end of the ice and started hitting him.  It was a completely classless and disrespecful act that should be punished by the league.  I understand fights in hockey, I can even understand when the goalies go at it.  That's fine with me, but you don't start punching someone when they want no part of it and do nothing to deserve it.  Even in the NHL the players that fight agree to do it.  Sometimes there will be punches thrown when guys don't want it but that is part of the scrums that happen around the goal.  But a goalie skating the entire length of the ice, ripping off the opposing goalies mask and just wailing on him while the goalie drops and covers is unacceptable.  This is not hockey, not even close.

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