Brett Favre you screwed us again...its 2002 all over again. Okay I had to get that out there. However, I'm not that upset because it would be a divine miracle for the Pats to go all the way s0 they would have to suffer some crushing loss at some point. Better to end on a good note.  Damn tiebreakers.

But AGMers rejoice because your favorite bloggers favorite blogger is back. Its been a while but full time school, work and a non fatal stabbing will do that to you. A lot has happened since though my beloved C's won the championship, my dream of a Sox-Phillies WS was so close i can taste it but the Phils won so no harm no foul, Obama got elected (i wrote in for myself), and of course the Yanks are throwing away money as if they are in a rap video.

But more on that some other time....its time to talk about playoffs (Sorry Jim Mora) with my Pats out of contention for the first time in 6 years I can go into the playoffs as an unbiased fan.  With the Bolts whooping the Broncos its safe to say the playoff picture is complete. So heres the first round predictons

Colts 28 Chargers 17- Peyton is back in his usual form, LT once again is a non factor in the postseason and poor Rivers tries to keep up but learns the hard way he’s no Peyton Manning.

Ravens 20 Dolphins 17 (OT)- I know alot of Pats fans are rooting for the Ravens out of spite but I believe that the Ravens are the better team but the Dolphins are riding high on emotions and I think the wildcat formation finally self destructs on them next week

Falcons 41 Cardinals 28- I admit I like the Falcons…not just because Matt Ryan but while everyone seems to love the Dolphins comeback story how about the post-Vick Falcons making the NFC Championship (spoiler alert)

Eagles 27 Vikings 13- The Vikes trade FG for TDs and it ultimately costs them but Adrian Peterson might have one of those games that makes me regret picking against them

On to the next round

Titans 21 Ravens 14- I just don’t believe the Titans they are unproven and never stood out as an AFC juggernaut as the Colts, Pats and Steelers have in the past. However they are a better team so will get an easy pass into the AFC Championship

Colts 24 Steelers 20- Big Ben is not going to let some concussion stop him however the Colts pass rush will. It will be competitive all the way through but Peyton pulls it off

Giants 27 Eagles 10- Im tempted to pick the Eagles based off how good they looked but Donovan McNabb follows the law of gravity so what goes up…yeah you know the rest. He has an awful game and Philly turns their back on him and Reid….again

Falcons 27 Panthers 17- Yes I have the Falcons going to the NFC championship. Matt Ryan is a stud (no I LOVE ESPN) and will find a way to get it done and Vick starts to contact Lions management

Colts 35 Titans 13- Once again I state I dont believe the Titans…

Giants 20 Falcons 14- Dare I say it but the Giants are the best team in the NFL the Falcons will be overmatched from start to finish but will have alot to build on.

Super Bowl XLIII Giants Colts….50 years to the Greatest Game Ever Played….Manning Bowl…the most hyped SB in recent memory and it will be won by….

Colts 31 Giants 24- Peyton beats little brother on the big stage to take his second SB MVP.

Well thats just how I see it, chances are it ends up completely different if it went exactly like this I would be scared for my life.  So Colts win it all as most predicted early in the preseason and Giants fans can shut up for at least a year.

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