UFC 100 Results & Updates UFC 100:  The anticipation for the impending UFC 100 fight card of the century is palpable, as any one of 5 or 6 of the main events would be a blockbuster battle all by itself. Kudos to the promoters for setting up this absolutely fantastic series of clashes between some of the biggest names in the MMA. UFC 100 Betting Odds list [Brock Lesnar -240 favorite over Frank Mir +190 underdogs heading into UFC 100. 

We will look at each fight separately, with the UFC 100 Odds, thus allowing the casual fan and die hard bettor to digest the entire card with the hope that they can ascertain the winners. Lesnar/Mir  Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir is actually a rematch since Mir , despite getting beaten all over the Octagon, managed to take advantage of Lesnar's carelessness, and was able to apply a submission hold to the bigger man in their first encounter The UFC 100 Odds still have Lesnar as the 3 to 1 favorite, despite his landmark win, but the thinking is Lesnar has worked vigorously in training camp , determined never again to suffer such embarassment. Bet UFC 100 Betting Odds $100 Free with $100 Deposit .    

Mir's ground game is superior while Lesnar's power is without question, and the feeling by almost everyone is this encounter will end with a devastating knockout by Lesnar. He has too much pride, especially with the burden of his WWE backround  questioning his true validity, since the general consensus by all, is the WWE action is choreographed and fake. Bet UFC 100 Odds with Bet on Georges St. Pierre and Brock Lesnar. Bet UFC 100 Betting Odds $100 Free with $100 Deposit.    

As stated, this match should resemble the first meeting between the two, with the 6' 3" 265 pound Lesnar dominating from the outset, but the result will be decidedly different, as Lesnar continues his assault, and crushes Mir in the first round. The UFC 100 Pick in this one is Brock Lesnar in a runaway from start to finish. Bet UFC 100 Odds with  

If you are looking into UFC 100 betting and UFC betting odds, you will need to know something about the sport which is up and coming.  The UFC fighters are similar to street fighters who use any physical means to defeat their opponent, including elbows and knees.  They are extremely well conditioned and can handle any fighting style.

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