UFC 100 Picks and Betting Odds: A guy like Lesnar is a proud warrior, who grew complacent in the WWE as victories came much too easy, and his move to the MMA circuit was questioned by many who thought the transition was not in his best interests. UFC 100 Betting Odds list Brock Lesnar -240 favorite over Frank Mir +190 underdogs heading into UFC 100.   However, in his brief UFC career, he has always been the UFC Pick in all his matches, as is the case in UFC 100. Mir, on the other hand, must be wondering what he needs to do to garner some respect, as his UFC Odds as an underdog, clearly annoys him. The UFC 100 Betting Odds and Picks list Georges St Pierre -300 favorite to Thiago Alves +220 underdog.     This fight promises to be a slugfest right from the start, and the thought of an end by the judge's decision, doesn't even register on any fan's mind. Look for Lesnar to come out swinging, with Mir trying to avoid the haymakers, while at the same time, applying some heat of his own.  Bet UFC 100 Betting Odds $100 Free with $100 Deposit.     As in their first match, Mir will try to maneuver Lesnar into a battle on the canvas, and will once again try to apply a finishing hold. Look for a more polished Lesnar to totally dominate the match and end it with a crushing knockout, as he validates his UFC Odds. Check the back for more UFC.

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