The drumbeats are sounding in the boxing world. Could it be? A Tyson-Holyfield rematch? Rumors are flying around that this could happen. I think it might work, given the right conditions.

One, no involvment by Don King whatsoever. Having him around is like having an inlaw come to your house, saying they're staying for a week and wind up staying a month.

Two, Tyson needs the money. Two failed marriages, one to Robin Givens, who said in an interview that life with Tyson was a "living hell." He's also been to jail a couple of times since the rape in Indiana a few years ago.

Three, boxing needs to see these two one last time. I doubt if either of these men could beat Wladimir Klitschko but it's better than watching these two collect dust.

Four, the fight needs to be on network television, not cable. Not all of us have HBO or Showtime.

This might work. Cover your ears for this one.

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