"Everybody on the team is like, 'Who's going to try to dunk [on George - the 7'7, 360 pound center from North Carolina-Asheville]?'" Hansbrough said. "It definitely was in the back of my mind." From the back of his mind straight to the top play on Sportscenter and a memorable poster that will be coveted by every die-hard UNC fan.  That ferocious throw-down is exactly why Tyler Hansbrough is appropriately nicknamed 'Psycho T".  This quote and   that play are two of the many reasons why Hansbrough is my favorite college basketball player. > > "I just felt like I could drive around him," Hansbrough said. Not just drive around him but rise above the tallest player in college basketball and bang on him with deuce-hands.  Kenny George said himself that he hadn't been dunked on in the last 3 years.  That speaks volumes about a player most scouts say is not a superior athlete and who struggles against taller/longer defenders.  Hansbrough's sheer determination is what drives him to be as good as he is, regardless of the naysayers.  His will is also what keeps him from becoming another hyped-up college ball player that never lives up to the lofty expectations (i.e. Roy Hibbert).  The front runner for the national player-of-the-year award is having the best season of his career through all the hype.  Hansbrough is averaging nearly a double-double at 21.8ppg and 9.8rpg.  His is also shooting 57.6 % from the field and 80% from the line, all career highs. The fact that he is an NBA mid / late first round pick by every scout or mock draft I can find is a travesty.  With the abundance of slackers, bad attitudes, "great potential" flops (i.e. Kwame Brown) and thugs with off - the - court problems in the NBA today you would think GMs would be falling over themselves at the chance to land a player like Hansbrough.  A player with tremendous work-ethic, unquestionable passion, a   relentless rebounder and actually becoming a polished scorer. Best of all he's got character; he's the guy everyone on the team respects and wants to play with. I don't know about you, but here at the Recliner GM we will gladly take him! Subscribe via RSS feed or get  email updates for fresh sports articles.

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