Game 2: What to Look for

5 Things To Watch For In Tonight's Game:

1. Jason Kubel will start at DH: Gardy didn't have any reason to start Craig Monroe over Kubel in yesterday's game other than, he wanted to "see what he can do." Well, Craig went 0-3. Kubel came in and got a gift double. Another RHP tonight, one that the Twins are very familiar with (Garland). Gardy has no reason not to play Kubel tonight. So, he will.

2. Torii Hunter: Torii had an emotional night in the opener. You could tell that he was trying to do a little too much at the plate (even though he looked similar to how he did when he was a Twin), and the standing ovation had an impact on him. Tonight, he will be more comfortable, and while I hope he doesn't do too much damage, I look for Torii to have a couple hits tonight.

3. Boof Bonser: We all know that Boof lost 30 pounds this off-season, but after the first week he didn't seem to pitch in too many Major League Spring Training games. He was always, "pitching a minor league game." The Twins felt confident enough in him to put him in the same spot he started last year in, Pitcher #2. Let's watch as Boof's legs don't let him down and he pitches deep into the game.

4. The Top of The Order: Carlos Gomez, Justin Morneau, Joe Mauer, and "The Other Guy" did a fantastic job last night getting on base, moving runners over and scoring runs. They produced 2 R's and 2 RBI's. If these guys continue to just do their job, the Twins will continue to score runs. Let's see how they handle Jon Garland.

5. Jerseys: This could be the season debut of the Blue Home Jersey. Boof pitched in it quite a few times the past 2 seasons when he started, and if it doens't happen tonight, it could be a while. The starter gets to pick the Jersey, and Kevin Slowey, Nick Blackburn, and Scott Baker never picked it last year. My Blue Morneau Jersey, may be an antique soon as the Twins wear mostly white this year.

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