Twins sign Morneau and Cuddyer to long term that will take the team "deep into the new stadium"

This is big news for the Twins who needed some positive energy after losing Torii Hunter to the Angels and the possibility of losing Johan Santana. Keeping Morneau and Cuddyer, along with Joe Mauer gives MInnesota some legitimate hitters in their line-up.

6-Years, $80 Million for Morneau, who had just signed a 1-year $7.4 Contract, is now locked up for a long time. This is huge news as the Twins are keeping their 2006 MVP.

3-years, $23 Million for Cuddyer, who could possibly take over for Torii in CF is a fan favorite who came up in the Minnesota System. He has shown great strides and leadership over the last two seasons. (contract includes 4th year, club option).

My inkling is that these contracts are either 5 or 6 year deals that will keep them as Twins as long as 2013, which is 3 years after the new ballpark is open.

LEN III of the Star Tribune had previously reported that the Twins were not going to move forward wis talks of long-term deals until the Santana situation had played itself out. Could this mean that the Twins have already agreed in principal to a trade and want positive vibes or could these signings be enough to show Johan Santana that they are serious about winning and this could have convince Johan to sign the 5-year deal with the Twins?

The Twins now have a nice young nucleus of hitters in Morneau, Cuddyer, Mauer, Jason Kubel and Delmon Young. They also have some nice pieces in the rotation with Santana, Baker, Bonser, Liriano, Slowey and others. This team may not contend this year, but they are only a year or two away now and will still be fun to watch.

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