Some Notes: 1.Yesterday, the Twins signed Livan Hernandez. Hernandez went 11-11 with a 4.93 ERA last season with the Arizona Diamondbacks of the National League. That ERA numbers doesn't bode well for the him in the American League.

My Take: Good move for the Twins. Hernandez is in the top 3 in total innings pitched over the past 8 seasons. He is a workhorse and having a veteran in the rotation to rely on is a good situation for the Twins. I may be wrong, but I think it will be hard to be worse than Ortiz, Ponson or Silva. The best part of this signing is that we get LENIII or Joe Christensen to write about how Rick Anderson will resurrect another career (except he hasn't really resurrected that many). Think about it...Reyes was a fluke, Romero got worse even while he was with the Twins, Silva was good for a year or two. I love Andy, but let's focus on making the young guys better.

2. I read a fans comment last night about the move and he said, "our next move will be to sign Josh Fogg."

My Take: I sure hope not. Fogg is another run-of-the-mill veteran starter. He isn't anything special, and this team, especially with the promise of the other teams in the AL Central should focus on getting their starters experience. I am ok with the Twins signing one guy (Hernandez) to fill a spot in the rotation, but the last 4 spots should go to Baker, Bonser, Slowey and Liriano. Honestly...I would've been ok with them letting a 5th young guy play.

New Numbers (Last Twin To Wear It): Phillip Humber-38 (Luis Rodriguez) Glen Perkins-15 (Phil Nevin/Abernathy, but really Guzman) Matt Macri-18 (Jason Bartlett) Jason Pridie-11 (Josh Rabe/Jacque Jones)

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