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The name Norv Turner might not ring a bell to anyone. Heck it might never ring a bell to anyone.


However, Turner exemplifies two important principles that everyone, sports fans or not can relate to: patience and encouragement


As our lives get more complex and advanced in the ever-growing world of post modernity these principals are evermore relevant in our lives becoming highly effective. A case in point can be made of Norv Turner.


Turner, the current coach of San Diego Chargers has endured a tsunami of criticism from fans, sports journalists and players that he can’t coach. Experts use his record of 69-87-1 in the regular season and 2-1 to undermine his value. Despite achieving an 11-5 record this season the public will talk about his 1-3 start and his best player LaDainian Tomlinson criticizing the team when they were 5-5. Furthermore, the public does not give him a chance in defeating the defending Super Bowl champions Indiana Colts this weekend AFC divisional playoff game. The Vegas odds this weekend had the Indiana Colts winning the game by 8.5 points


Turner maybe a ‘sitting duck’ to those who like to hunt, chastise and criticize but that certainly will not change what he stands for. Over the 20 years Turner has stuck to the same offensive system and play-calling schemes despite having a losing record. The reason? Turner has faith and believes in the balance of two things: production of desired results (i.e. wins, an offense of excellence etc) and production capability (the assets of a coaching staff and players that produce desired results)


In order to achieve such a balance of production and production capability there has to be principles that act as a path or a guideline. Turner’s patience and encouragement made the San Diego Chargers believers in his system, not an easy feat considering how rough things were at the beginning of the season and the fact that six years ago the Chargers were 5-11 with Turner as their offensive coordinator. Nevertheless, this new found belief Turner instilled in the Chargers has led to an unbeaten records in December and January and achieved something that has not been done in 13 years, the San Diego Chargers winning a playoff game. In this case a 17-6 playoff win over the Tennessee Titans last weekend.


The Indiana Colts and the rest of the NFL should be aware on a growing interdependence with the San Diego Chargers. An interdependence that states, “we can do it” “we can combine our talents and abilities and create something greater together.” This is a common goal amongst Charger players and coaching staff; however, this belief and interdependence starts to the top, Norv Turner.


While it is safe to state that the Chargers will lose against Colts. It is bold to state that the Chargers will beat the Colts and ultimately win Super Bowl championship.


None other than Norv Turner will exemplify this bold statement.



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