Here's my mindset on a balmy Tuesday afternoon in New England: * - The Baseball Hall of Fame should be a collection of guys who get in based on one election, not 15! It's simple. You either are a Hall of Famer or you're not. Bert Blyleven, Tim Raines and yes, Jim Rice should be included and right now, they're not but probably will be at a later date. That's what's wrong with the system. * - Count me as one of the guys who has given Roger Clemens a modicum of doubt since the release of the Mitchell Report. Yes, I was damn pleased to see the Rocket get angry Monday. He shouldn't give a rats ass what anyone else thinks if he is indeed telling the truth. * - Congrats to Zdeno Chara for being elected to the NHL All-Star team as a starting defenseman. Now, if only they could get healthy enough to win a couple of games consecutively and get back to where they were two months ago. * - Yawn! That's my description of the BCS Title game between Ohio State and LSU. Monday Night Raw and the new American Gladiators got more of my attention Monday night. Great "whisper in the wind" off the top cage by Jeff Hardy to top Umaga, too. Plus, anytime you get Mickie James in lingerie, that's not a bad thing. [1]   * - The NFL without the newly re-retiring Joe Gibbs is a not as good a place.

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