As I watched the end of the Packers/ Giants game on Sunday a few thought bounced into my head. They were: he sucks (Lawrence Tynes), why Tom Coughlin, and trust. I watched as Lawrence Tynes jog off the field after missing a 43 yarder that would have put the Giants up by three with just under seven minutes left to play and I saw Coughlin chew him out. What he was saying, I had no idea. Probably something along the lines of what the **** are you doing? I watched Tynes turn his head and walk the other way, trying desperately to ignore his head coach. Then with no time on the clock the Giants had the ball at the Green Bay 20 and they ran a run up the middle. I was expecting a pass to the end zone. Then Tynes jogged back out. And he missed again, this time from 36. Wow, is he that bad? I asked my friends.

As overtime came and the Giants picked off Brett Favre and drove into field goal range, Tynes came out again. This kick would be 47 yards. Tom Coughlin what are you doing? Try to drive down on 4 and 5, your in Green Bay territory and your kicker is ice cold, go for it! Well this is why I am not an NFL head coach. Tynes came out once again, I was waiting for Green Bay to call a timeout and make Tynes think about the two previous misses. They did not and Tynes kicked it through and the Giants won! On they’re way to the Super Bowl to play the New England Patriots. A rematch form week 17.

I was really surprised with how much trust Coughlin had on in his place kicker and it paid off. I know several coaches have done this before but I was surprised that Coughlin would do something like this, because he is not a coach that I think highly of and I don’t think he is a great coach but his desicion paid off and he deserves a lot of credit.

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