There is trouble in Gatorland. Is Steve Spurrier making a comeback? Is Rex Grossman returning to hit on the cheerleaders (which would be the most action he's seen in a while)?

No, the turmoil is coming from the basketball program. This time, head coach Billy Donovan, himself the subject of many jokes when he took the top job with the Orlando Magic and then changed his mind like a woman changes dresses before a date, banned his players from the school's $12 million practice faciltiy. The head Gator took it one step further, telling his players not to wear ANY Florida attire. None. Zip. Zilch. Null. Nada. Not even U of F underwear.

I normally don't like the Florida Gators and normally don't speak well of a hated enemy, especially THIS one. But this time, I have to agree with Donovan. This team has acted like they have the world on an orange and blue platter and expect everything to be handed to them. Well, fellas, you don't. You gotta earn it. Look at UCLA and all the championships they won, including the consecutive ones. They did it with heart and hard work. You and Ohio State join a select company as being the first winner and runner up to not make it back to the NCAA Tournament since Michigan State and Indiana State did it. Maybe you do need to stay home and think about it.

Now you have a date in the NIT with San Diego State Wednesday night in Gainesville. Win and you get face another tough team, the winner from the Creighton/Rhode Island game.

Billy Donovan is taking the high road and trying to get his team back on track. Granted, this was a young team that needed to learn how to win. Now they're paying the price for it and have caught the wrath of their coach and probably their fans. It's like trying to get a date with the homecoming queen. You better have your A game when you ask her out or she'll break your heart like Tony Soprano breaks legs.

That would not be fun. But, as Tony always says, "It's nothing personal, just business."

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