I actually wasn’t going to touch on this one, but what the hell I have no class today. So Bob Costas hates blogging, yaaawn get over it he's like the old man who starts every sentence with "kids today" and calls the TV the idiot box. He seems to blame blogging for the decline in print media and declining interest in journalism(really I'm to blame for all that, I’m blushing) but he couldn’t be more wrong about that, blogs are not going to replace straight up news if someone was to go to a blog for some 100% factual information its really not the blogger’s fault for the person being that damn dumb. Instead blogs are more opinion than fact, its the new-age sports column whether people like it or not. They talked a lot about credentials, but what credentials do you need to write an opinion?


The old guy lost this battle, why Costas thinks he can win his

To paraphrase D-Dub, I watched the game, I saw what happened, I have access to the stats and box scores, I have the quotes and unbiased news reports so basically I have the raw materials available to form my own opinion. So quite frankly(take that Screamin A.), I don’t need someone else to form that opinion for me. And as I’m free to write my own opinions others are free to do the same and I'm free to choose who the hell I rather read Dan Shaughnessy or


This guy's that much better than me...nah I don't think so

Who’s to say that only people with journalism degrees should be listened to and read, at the end of the day they are just fans who get paid to do what many fans do for free. But really thats not the root of the problem, its really journalists don’t have the thick skin to hear the fan’s voice. They miss the old days when basically fans only talked smack in the bar amongst themselves. Now they can go public with it, and now the guy who made a career talking down on others can’t handle the same courtesy. I find that hilarious, how Screamin A. can talk shit about anybody in the league but can't take a fan talking about him. What if a player was to say if you never played the game professionally shut the fack up...thats basically what journalists are trying to say to bloggers...I smell hypocrisy. But of course, there are people who do give blogging a bad rep.

There's the unemployed 30 something who lives in their parents basement(idk i just love that caricature) who behind the safety of a computer and a blocked IP address can say anything about anybody. And of course there are pretty good bloggers who write like professionals and of course there’s people like me; I could write AP style, insightful, excellent quality stuff….but I don’t wanna. I rather use profanity, slang and poor sentence structure. When I write it is more of a transcript of my thoughts and feelings, thats how I like it. On the other hand there are experienced journalists who write like they never watched a sporting event in their lives. And there's pretty good journalists that show that they deserve that check each week.


Journalists have to realize every blogger isn't this guy


Bloggers have to realize every journalist isn't this guy, see how compromise works

Alas, you can’t generalize based off certain people. As for blogs posting personal lives of people the answer simple; blame society. As cliche as that sounds, we live in a society where people love to watch the downfall of others, especially those who are more successful than themselves. I guess it gives people confidence knowing that their favorite actress got arrested for a DUI, or that their favorite singer doesn’t look as good as she did 20 years ago. That cannot be pinned on blogging, if a blogger doesn't post it then the “credible” news will. Why? Because people care about things like that, like I said blame society.


Sites like TMZ has banked on America's love/hate relationship with celebrities

This new guy brought up a point about bloggers are just wannabe journalists. Personally, I would have to disagree because sportswriters don't make enough for me to want to be one. I write to amuse myself and others, thats all. I'm not trying to be someone I'm not, if I think you suck I'll probably say it to your face, if I get my ass kicked I'm going down swinging but that's just the type of person I am.


Trizz may not be able to beat every athlete but he can surely take this guy

All and all, no one is trying to steal jobs from journalists. In the end its up to the people to choose, if people rather go to Deadspin than pick up the Boston Globe, journalists can’t be mad at the blog or the people, brush it off and give them something undeniable, something that will have people talking, essentially, step your game up. If you have so much credentials and experience how are you losing to Joe Schmoe, this should be a reason to be better at what you do not to attack. That’s all I’m sayin

Its the 'Chair....Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiatch

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