Wow a Sunday without football. Yes, cue the Boyz II Men music (How do iiiii say goodbyyyyye...ok u get the point) But this has been a very emotional season from my fantasy league forfeiting the season to the Eagles withering their way into my heart only to break it from the inside. Lessons learned, money earned this was my football season....

The season began on a depressing note after months of surpressed memories all anyone can talk about was the helmet catch that should be named the missed call because 99% of the time refs call that "sack" okay okay that was last season lets move on...going into this season my Superbowl was my New England Patriots beating the Dallas Cowboys (who didn't) or because the painfully obvious Superbowls never happen my sleeper bowl was the Steelers against the Saints(on that note I officially give up on Reggie Bush). But after watching pregame shows that have waaaay too many people on their payroll it was for some football.

The Patriots had a first game against the Chiefs(uh duh Trizz it was only September) and I hated that it was such a wack game...I mean its the Chiefs. Of course Brady goes down Cassell gets it done and simply I think Brady probably didn't wanna risk further injury to the Chiefs but he won't miss the Jets game. Then the Sportscenter heard around the world...Brady is out for the season, personally I admit I thought we was doomed and started looking at mock drafts for top 5 players.

However week after week, Cassell won me over and suddenly we're playing the Jets for first place in the AFC east. But of course I'm chopped and screwed by the NFLN and I had work so I miss the critical game. On the other end of the spectrum the Cowboys are looking like a heart rate with their ups and downs and the Giants hate to admit it are looking like a potential dynasty team. That's the last thing I wanted to see was an NYG dynasty...obnoxious New Yorkers we're the REAL dynasty cheater cheater blah blah blah. Then it was the Titans who I can only attest to have watched only one game on Thanksgiving and I barely watched but simply had it on the TV for decoration. Anyway suddenly they are pursuing perfection and I'd be damned if they went 19-0...only team besides the Pats I'd be okay with is probably the Colts, Cowboys or Steelers wait what am I saying if the Pats can't do it, it cant be done. So we are midway through the season the AFC East is tighter I'ma leave that one alone...the Titans and Giants got the Dolphins popping champagne like that Jim Jones song and the Cowboys once again dominate headlines by doing everything BUT win.

Yada yada yada...we're in the last week of the season. Both the Pats and Boys playing for their playoff lives. The Giants shown plenty of kinks in their armor as did the Titans and Peyton Manning is back. The Patriots take care of business in Buffalo and while I knew the Jags had quit the season back in Week 12...we all had to look to the Jets to get it done. I remember telling my boy damn its jut like 02...then of course CBS never to miss an anecdote show that Jets/Packers game where Chad Pennington beats Brett Favre to cockblock a Patriot return to the Superbowl and it seemed like the Jets was gonna pull it off...well until Mangini must've got the text saying that they were pretty much out the playoffs suddenly Favre is playing catch with the Dolphins DBs and the Patriots win 11 games for no reason. On the other side the Cowboys get smacked around and I officially have no favorite to root for in the postseason.

Now to get Bill Simmons esque its time to have a random countdown: Lessons learned in the playoffs

7. LT will never be that guy until he shows up in January

6. Peyton finally gotten over the hump against the Pats only to roll in another ditch and can't get over the hump against the Bolts

5. Larry Fitzgerald is officially lightyears ahead of Anquan Boldin...and knowing wide re-divas...Boldin isn't going to like it one bit

4. Matt Ryan needed a crushing defeat watch him improve by leaps and bounds next season

3. Spagnuolo grabbed a job before people realized that he was outwitted by Andy Reid on 4th downs

2. The Steelers basically walked to Tampa...the AFC was a joke this postseason

1. I need a whole new paragraph for this one...

While I'll always be a Boston boy for life. For the past ten years I had a Philadelphia love affair. Possibly because they share Bostons passion, the same type of American history and they deal with arrogant New York fans just like we do. While I don't care much for the Sixers since AI left, I always find myself quietly rooting for the Eagles(except in 2004 I was pulling for Vick and then of course the Pats) and the Phillies have always been my second favorite baseball team (BEFORE the ring by the way). So when the Eagles landed in another NFC championship, I thought it was high time for McNabb to get that Lombardi considering he's the best QB left in the playoffs (sorry Kurt) but then I remembered...

1. Never trust Philly- After Fitzgerald 3rd TD...I got a text from my friend saying no super bowl party? (You see I declared if the Eagles or Colts didn't go to Tampa I would protest the Super Bowl) I replied watch the comeback. And like that the Eagles have a 1 point lead. The Cardinals score again and he says "Game over" and again I say "watch the comeback" its the last drive...I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see McNabb pull it was like I KNEW he was gonna win and suddenly its 4th down and going for the the like that the Eagles let me down. I had them in 2001-2003 and this year. Only year they won was when I went against them...maybe I'ma jinx.(Here comes the mad Eagle fan....why don't u leave my team alone jerk) The Eagles-Patriots could've been the Steelers-Cowboys of this decade when you think about it. Instead the Eagles simply come so close to fail. Well there's always next year.

Okay I feel like I've been typing forever so I'll wrap this up...oh damn forgot about MY picks for postseason awards MVP and ROY remain the same, Warner should be Comeback, John Fox should've won COY. Okay now to wrap this up...The Steelers should take this game easy as the favorites are expected but I honestly believe that this will be a shootout a la SB 38 and its decided on a late score and as tempting as it is to go with the Cards, I'm sticking with my second place preseason pick the Steelers. 7 days til kickoff baby

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