I know, I know, if it ain't broke, don't fack with it but the NFL seems to have these meetings every year and tries to make the game better by haircuts and imbecilic rule changes. So why can't I propose some rules of my own? (Feel free to add any)

1. Pro Bowl- The Pro Bowl invitation has become the Gold Glove of the NFL: the player is honored, but unless you're a first timer or Peyton Manning, chances are you don't want to play. After a long, hard, backbreaking season, the first thing you want to do is fly to Hawaii, put on some pads and go at it again--for fun? But watching AP last year should've struck an idea... why not let only rookies and 1st and 2nd year players in. They would actually play with heart and it may salvage the game.

2. Draft Lottery- Worse gets first. It's just not fair. I understand we can't have 8-8 teams grabbing first rounders year after year, but if you make it like the NBA lottery, the worst team gets better odds I'm tired of the Raiders getting top picks year after year and blowing it.

3. Suspended for Life- There's a disparity in suspensions: Chris Henry is getting chance after chance while Pacman Jones is on the outside looking in. I like that Roger Goodell is ruling with an iron fist, but if you are going to ban one, ban all.

4. No More Icing the Kicker- It's becoming an annoying trend and it barely works or it completely backfires.

5. Stop Being a B*tch, kick and play defense- The "Devin Hester" rule got shot down, but I think they should reconsider. Intentionally kicking away from Hester is about as b*tchmade as taking knees in the 1st and 3rd quarter.

6. Radio for LB- The Linebacker is the Quarterback of the defense he should be able to get signals just like the QB.

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