Like many of you, my bracket is facked. Nevertheless here we are at the sweet 16 and I got a chance to watch each sweet 16 team play at least once and I think I got an idea of how the rest will play out. So without further ado, ladies and gents your elite 8.....

No. 1UNCLOGO University of North Carolina- The number 1 overall seed has played like it, no scares needed they have put foot to arse so far, I expect them to do the same against Washington State and march right into the elite eight. Psycho T has been dominating the painted area, Ty Lawson has shown the world that he is no longer injured and Roy Williams's face has developed a nice red hue. To make things even sweeter, their arch rivals Duke University proved once again they were who we thought they were.

No. 3LOUISVILLELOGO Louisville Cardinals- I never thought I would like a Rick Pitino coached team (after that sham of a job he did here in Boston) but I really like this Louisville team. They were victims of momentum when they were previously beaten by Pitt but their next opponent, University of Tennessee will be crawling into this matchup and after 2 lucky breaks. Louisville has blown by competition thus far while Bruce Pearl's boys look like they about to go down for the count.

No. 10DAVIDSONLOGO Davidson University- Yes I'm hopping on the Stephen Curry bandwagon, and while Wisconsin made light work of Michael Beasley and Kansas State, its hard to fathom the Badgers having another great game from behind the arc as they did. The Wildcats did an excellent job containing Roy Hibbert and defending inside, Wisconsin will try to keep the score low but I still seeing the Wildcats dancing for one more round.

No. 1JAYHAWKSLOGO University of Kansas- Unlike their football team, its no surprise to see the Jayhawks in this position. They are favorites to win it all, and going up against a 12 seed, its safe to say they will be elite eight bound. The Wildcats are coming off a pretty easy game against Siena and I dont think they got another upset under their sleeves. Kansas will win big and show that they are the second best team in the nation

No. 3STANFORDLOGO Stanford University- While some can't figure out why they aren't the Cardinals and just Cardinal, it doesnt take a Stanford geek to tell you the Lopez brothers are a force to be reckoned with. They'll play a very undersized University of Texas team, who many didn't expect to even have the season they had since losing Kevin Durant . Texas is by no means a fluke, but there is just too much size for them to handle

No. 5MICHIGANST Michigan State- Spaaaaartans!(Sorry had to do it) One loss or not, I haven't been sold on Memphis and will continue to overlook them until they join an elite conference, its like praising the Seattle Seahawks for winning the NFC West. Another team I have overlooked was the Spartans, who I had losing to Temple in Round 1. Tom to the Izzo has done one of the most stellar coaching jobs this tourney. Drew Neitzel should have a pretty good game against the Tigers as the first #1 team bites the dust

No. 3XAVIERLOGO Xavier University- While I tend not to pick schools where I don't know what state they play in, Xavier has been consistant all season long. Even though the Zebras help avert an upset in round 1, Xavier bounced back nicely against the Boilermakers. The Mountaineers coming off an upset against Duke, have a great talent in Joe Alexander but the buck stops there. They will make the game interesting but Xavier with the entire A-10 on its back will march on to the elite eight (and possibly final four???)

No. 1 UCLABRU UCLA- Another 1 vs 12. Intriguing to see Rocky beat Apollo but its not happening. The Bruins have been to the Final Four back to back seasons and possibly will go for a third. The Hilltoppers are coming off a buzzer beater and playing a team of whatchumacallits. While the Bruins have made a habit of making the game very interesting up until the buzzer if they don't put the foot to someone's throat I don't see them making the championship game.

So there you have it, your ...well my Elite Eight.

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