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As most of you know I haven't been on for a while.The reason for this is I lost my wife of 39 years to cancer on St. Patricks day.

She didn't play any sports and yet she went to all my games, our childrens games , and our grandchildrens games.She watched

Yankee games , Giant games, Bowling , and golf.All because of my love for them.I say she didn't play sports, but she was a great

fighter.She fought cancer for four years , never saying why me? or complaining about the pain.When 1st diagnosed the doctor told me 6

months.She battled for 4 years and in the middle of that had a triple bi-pass.She was and is my hero, I loved her with all my heart and I

will miss her for the remainder of my life.I know this is a sports forum but today I had to write what's in my heart.Thanks for being patient,

Love be with you all.

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