According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, and MLB Trade Rumors, the Giants and the Marlins appear to be getting more serious in their discussions about Dan Uggla. There have been some names exchanged by each team and things could be getting closer to being completed.

What makes me think that trade talks are actually making progress is that someone from Miami is reporting it, rather then just speculation from baseball writers on the Internet. Still, it doesn't mean that the Giants are going to end up with Dan Uggla
, but it does mean that it's becoming more of a possibility. Apparently the Marlins and Giants have discussed Jonathan Sanchez, Clayton Tanner and one other mid-level pitching prospect, but I have a hard time seeing the Giants part with Jonathan Sanchez, who's still under team control for 3 more years and is only getting better each season (4.24 ERA, 177 K's, 1.37 WHIP, .221 BAA in 163 IP). Sanchez really came into his own last year after throwing his no-hitter in mid-July. After the All-Star break, he went 5-4 with a 3.83 ERA and 98 K's in 84 innings. All signs are pointing towards Sanchez really breaking out in 2010, and I think a 15-win, sub-4 ERA season is very realistic and I think he'll finally make it to the 200 inning plateau, which would mean big strikeout numbers. Uggla is a very nice, middle of the order presence, but he hit .242 last year and is hitting just .249 over his last 3 seasons. Not to mention, acquiring Uggla would force someone out of position, weakening the offense. As bad as the Giants need the 30 home run potential, I'd hate to see them deal away from their strength for a second basemen right now. I would, however, be throwing packages at Florida that aren't headlined with Jonathan Sanchez. It looks like the Marlins have some interest in Clayton Tanner, and maybe the Giants could add Kevin Pucetas, who's major league ready now, and a guy like Kevin Frandsen, who could go in and start at second base for the Marlins and be under their control for a while on the cheap.
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There have been so many reports about the Marlins needing to get out from under Uggla's 7+ million dollar contract for 2010. Everyone knows the Marlins want to get rid of him, and because of it, they aren't going to get top value in return. And if that is indeed the case, I would think the Giants could pry him away from Florida without giving up too much. If they do figure out a reasonable deal for him, I would immediately look into other positional possibilities for Uggla. First base would be one position that might be an option. He has familiarity with the right side of the infield after all, and I think first base would be an easier transition for him than third base or out to left field. It would also allow Pablo Sandoval to stay at third, where he has more value to the Giants. I don't think Uggla is the savior the Giants are looking for on offense though, and although he'd be a big help, they'd still need another bat or two to really complete their offense. If the Giants can't get Uggla for a reasonable deal, then I'd turn my focus to Adam LaRoche, who I've kind of been pulling for Sabean to sign as the teams first basemen. His power and run production numbers are very similar to Uggla's, plus he plays a very good defensive first base and hits for more average than the sought-after second basemen.

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