For the first time in years, the Boston Red Sox are facing a player logjam in the outfield. Since of those players is a top 10 MLB prospect (Jacoby Ellsbury) and one of them is the best defensive centerfielder in baseball (Coco Crisp), platooning doesn’t seem to be an option. That leaves one other course of action, a trade.

The Deal: The Chicago Cubs are the first team to come calling for a swap that includes Coco as the centerpiece. Unfortunately, they are putting starting pitcher Jason Marquis and outfield prospect Sam Fuld on the table and the Red Sox want nothing to do with either of them.

My Analysis: Jason Marquis is a VERY overpaid number 4 starter that has never been able to put up consistent numbers. You might remember him as the guy that the Sox got 7 walks and 6 hits off of in 7 innings during the 2004 World Series. He’s not worth getting even if it is to add a tiny bit of depth to the starting pitching.

Sam Fuld was an MVP in the Arizona Fall League during 2007 and has put up stellar numbers for the Cubs AAA team (.269 BA but an insane .397 OBP). He could be major league ready but he’s got Felix Pie and a few other players in front of him so he doesn’t look to start anytime soon. The only problem is that we already have too many outfielders and we don’t need another one.

Look for Boston to counter with a request for more prospects (3B or C preferably) or someone to help out in the bullpen.

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