The score was tied. There was less than one second to play, and Georgetown’s Jonathan Wallace was dribbling 70 feet from the basket when he heard the whistle.

Nicky Anosike sank two free throws with two-tenths of a second left and Tennessee (No. 2 ESPN/USA Today, No. 1 AP) rallied to beat Rutgers (No. 7 ESPN/USA Today, No. 5 AP) 59-58 on Monday night in a rematch of last season’s national championship game.

Which one was a wilder finish…I will give you the background on both games and then you can decide for yourself. In the first one between G-Town and Villanova the score was 53-53 and Nova had the ball and most likey was going to hold for the last shot…or so we thought. Well they did not even get a shot off…Scottie Reynolds drove past a Hoya defender and along the baseline but ran out of real estate and threw a pass that got tipped and ended up in the hands of Hoya guard Jonathon Wallace. He pushed up the sideline being guarded along the sideline by Corey Stokes, but he was most likely going to throw up a pray from beyond half court when he heard a whistle and play stopped with .01 seconds on the clock.

He originally thought he had stepped out of bounds but who cares if he did, there is not even enough time for the ol catch and shoot…but he did not step out there was a foul call aganisit Stokes. It was a very very weak call and most of all for two reasons…the first was the score was tied with under a second left and because he was about 70 feet from the basket… LET THE BOYS or girls PLAY! But Wallace went to the line and sank both free throws to seal a Hoya victory.

Now the other game was just as close but on the women’s side. This game wa between the Tennessee and Rutgers. A rematch of last years national championship game in case you were wondering. Down one and very little time on the clock the Lady Vols had numerous chances to score and take the lead and most likely win but after 2 misses Nicky Anosike grabbed an offensive rebound andwas grabbed by Kia Vaughn from behind.(she is on Rutgers) Unclear whether the foul had come before time expired, the Rutgers bench began to celebrate, but officials reviewed the play and determined that the foul had been committed just before the buzzer.

But many TV replays and angles clearly show that when she grabs the rebound there is .2 seconds left on the clock and then the clock freezes and then she gets fouled. And like I said earlier there is no time for a catch and shoot under a second…so you do the math! And again I will say it… LET THE BOYS OR GIRLS PLAY! So now you decide which game was the more controversial finish. My vote goes to the women’s side because if you just watch the replay you can clearly see that the clock does free for just seconds if that…again that is just me thinking out loud!

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