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Article:Top Ten Worst Things About Being a QB in the NFL

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This Top Ten List brought to you by Check out the Fantasy Football Training Camp Game, more Top Ten Lists, and the Blog.

10. I have to put my hands WHERE?

09. You’re probably only going to get Brady/Romo “leftovers”.

08. Cramp in arm from holding clipboard for 3 years.

07. Hearing, “I was OPEN” 25,000 times a year.

06. 350lb guys who are as fast as you are at a buck 90.

05. When your ball stops spiraling, your career starts spiraling

04. Your last name begins to follow various expletives.

03. Insurance policy doesn’t cover- “ass whoopin”

02. You engineer the 4th Quarter drive of the century, and some punk kicker goes wide right.

01. Center on Beans.

Enjoy! [1]


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